Dog Daze Radio on Fri 1/14/22

This week's guest is the one and only Rebel Foster. If you've partied anywhere in the city, you know the name!

Artist Title Album Local
Mlaik da Freak Palm Trees SR36 Primetime
Am Jams & Murder He Wrote In Too Deep In Too Deep
DJ Technics Gimme Some Mo
DJ Sega Off Da Wall
Work Your Body 2021 DJ G.O. No More Work
Bakey Flip Da Script B Bad EP
Bakey The Look In Your Eyes Two Minds EP
Ginuwine Differences (Hoodboi Remix) 5 Years In Jersey
DJ Sega Philly Clear My Throat
DJ Bark Lee Vamp 2012 The Collection
Manao Xnthefloor BETAWORKS I'm Perfect Queens of Club: Astral Booty
DJ Earl GodBreathedOnthis RMX
DJ Rashad Show You how Double Cup
Durban Theraflu TEKLIFE VIP
EQ Why Do Damage Juke Pack Vol 5
Kretekboyz Simple Life Club Editz Pt 1
Arielle's World Sempra's World | U&I (Re Lick) Edits Volume 2
Sade Sweetest Taboo (Textasy Quiet Storm Edit) Houston Hurricane Relief Comp
DJ Rashad Let U No ft. DJ Spinn Double Cup
Snaxman Dive Splash
El Blanco Nino Wingstop Grease
Myledo Manned By Herbie Miles Behind
DJ Swisha & OSSX Bone App The Teeth Heard U EP
Guidance Stick Em Guaranteed EP
Kretekboyz Darling Club Editz Pt 1
Kush Jones The JP Jam Strictly 4 My CDJZ 11
Jodeci My Heart Belongs To You (iyer edit)
DJ Nani The World Is Yourz ETERNAL
DJ Earl GrindRising 1991
DJ Puffin Venus JBDUBZ Vol 9
2020 Down Go On
Myledo Miles Behind Miles Behind
G Panic Lala Hey D&B Poliform

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