The Plastic Pulse on Fri 1/28/22

Words with friends except we're not your friends; we're just Nicole and Garrett!

Artist Title Album New Local
Holopaw Little Shaver
Momma Habitat
MJ Lenderman Hangover Game
Matt Marks I Don't Have Any Fun
Zero Percent APR True Fright
Bobbie Lovesong Eat the Apple Before It Falls
Oog Bogo Season
Shlohmo Headache of the Year
Weatherday Agatka (Agatha! Your're Being Melodramatic!)
Deadharrie Behind the Light
Moontype Anti-Divinity
Max Black Bug In a Circle
Bled Tape Outskirts
Teethe Giant Man
Hooky Kart
Hood But I Was Only a Bystander
Mice Parade Eisa Dancers
Indoor Life Blue Grey Green
800 Cherries la Pa Ti Ta
Stereolab John Cage Bubblegum
Super-16 Polive
Medicine Beneath the Sands
Th'Faith Healers Gorgeous Blue Flower In My Garden
Deadharrie All Caught Up
Deadharrie Reverie
Dead Sullivan I Might

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