Dial Error on Sun 2/27/22

Music bed: The Curtis Counce Group, "Sonority" (1989)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Castels Save a Chance Save a Chance 1966
Ronny & the Daytonas Brave New World Brave New World / Hold Onto Your Heart
Phương Tâm Có Nhớ Đêm Nào (Remember The Night) Magical Nights – Saigon Surf, Twist & Soul (1964-1966) 2021
Pas Musique In Likeness of Me Psychedelic Talismans 2020
Hypnotizing Chickens Overtime Hypnotizing Chickens 7" 2021
Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me You Think You Really Know Me 1977 (2022)
Vaguess When It's Gone Nothing's Secret 2022
Dehd Bad Love Bad Love (single) 2022
Big Thief Simulation Swarm Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You 2022
Heavenly Bodies Universal Ressurection Universal Ressurection 2022
Dangerous Birds Emergency Laughing at the Ground 7" 1982
Bam Bam It Stinks (Demo) Villains (Also Wear White) EP 2022
Mau Mau MM Dub Kraft 1982
Brian Brain Jive Jive Toast Demos 1981 (2007)
The Fallout Club Falling Years Falling Years 7" 1980
Dancette He's Clever / Going Green He's Clever / Going Green 1982
Western Civ Fun Ladies in White Horrendous New Wave 2017
Cate Le Bon Remembering Me Pompeii 2022
The Serfs Politics of Emptiness Primal Matter 2022
The Debutantes She's Out of Your Way Now The Buntingford LP reissued 2022
The Stick Figures N-Light Archeology 1979 (2021)
Slapp Happy Just a Conversation Sort of... 1972
Snooper Microbe Music for Spies 2020 request
Fat Creeps Secrets Fat Creeps EP 2012
MJ Lenderman & Wednesday You Have Bought Yourself a Boat single 2022
Blind Owl Wilson Time Was Blind Owl Wilson
CCTV Anxiety EP 2015
GIrls at Our Best! Pleasure Pleasure 1979
Powerplant True Love People in the Sun 2019

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Join host Allison Error for power pop, jangle pop, new wave, punk and more! Sometimes featuring guest sets in the first hour from DJs based in Philly and beyond. It's company you deserve! Music for drivin', home listening, cookin', and more of life's adventures.
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