Dog Daze Radio on Fri 3/18/22

I unintentionally kept most of this mix under 140 bpm because I was JAMMIN! I hope this makes you jam, too.

Artist Title Album Local
RITCHRD Possession Buster
Nitework Believe I Love Dogs
Swung Out Records What A Day Family Business EP
Ase Manual NYC Steel Black Liquid
Murder He Wrote As If You Never Told You So EP
Sister Zo Don't Test Me Screw Cheek EP
Sister Zo Inhale Screw Cheek EP
Dsum Hack the 8_8 Volume 1
OSSX Big Yawn Check Engine EP
Groovy D BadderDanDem BadderDanDem EP
Sempra Daylight Sunlight
Ell Murphy & DJ Crisps Freedom Time Is Now White Vol 4
Stanton Warriors Warriors In the Dance Unreleased Dubs Vol 1
Sempra Rainbow Sunlight
Ell Murphy & DJ Crisps Close Time Is Now White Vol 4
Sempra Nobody Sunlight
Zaida Butterflies Pt 2 (Zaida Dub) Soft Touch Vol 1
Don Seun Airy Buster
Deadly Habitz Gyalden Skank Dark Hours EP
Don Seun Nova Drift Buster
Sister Zo Screw Cheek Screw Cheek EP
OSSX Internet Cafe Check Engine EP
Constantine Deep Inside 2K20 Corona Mixtape
sirspyro Blue Cheese TEKKERZ001
DJ Bastard K9 Flute Funk PERREOTEK Vol 1
Manga Saint Hilaire Tump Inna Back Tumps
MathMan Locked In, Locked On (140 In The Pepper Basement Remix) Locked In, Locked On
MOOD$ A Feeling Strange Lights
I'm tired of typing :/

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