Dial Error on Sun 4/24/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Malibu's Leave Me Alone
Beau Havens Feel So Good
Sires Come to Me Baby
Tall Dwarfs Pictures on the Floor Hello Cruel World 1987
The Shifters New Brunswick Family Open Vault 2022
The Strapping Fieldhands Impossible to Say Sitting on Her Whiskers 7" 2013
Horsegirl Billy single 2022
Fluffy Baby Tooth Baby Tooth 1992
Straw Man Army Day 49 SOS 2022
Hunting Game Masses Need Love Rules 1983
Quix*O*Tic Make All the Ghoul Girls Cry Night for Day 1999
The Vacant Lot She's Really Dead Living Underground 1980
B-Team This Damage Buy American 1983
Rotters Tout Oublié Thesaurus Vol. 2 (1977-79) 2017
Tangled Shoelaces Rejection Turn My Dial - M Squared Recordings and more, 1981-84 2021
The Choke Top Man The Buntingford Long Playing Record 1980
Josef K Revelation Sorry For Laughing 1981
Coins Parallèles Ne rien faire Démo 2022
Galore Silence Galore 2020
Jess Scott Climbing Numbers Modern Primitive 2022
Modessa Aah the Bats Modessa 2020
Modessa A Minor Minus Modessa 2020
Modessa Rain Song Modessa 2020
Pylon Volume Gyrate 1980
Rikki Take Me To The Party Take Me To The Party / Boys Noise single 1982
Chronophage Black Clouds Chronophage forthcoming June 2022
Lung Leg Theme Park Maid to Minx 1997
All Girl Summer Fun Band Grizzly Bear 2 2003
Supercharger Don't Mess Me Up The Singles Party 1992-1993 2002
Lewsburg Getting Closer In Your Hands 2021
SAVAK Dumbinance Human Error / Human Delight 2022
X-Ray Spex The Day the World Turned Dayglo Germ Free Adolescents 1978 request

Dial Error

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Join host Allison Error for power pop, jangle pop, new wave, punk and more! Sometimes featuring guest sets in the first hour from DJs based in Philly and beyond. It's company you deserve! Music for drivin', home listening, cookin', and more of life's adventures.
New Wave
Freaky Punk
Jangle/Power Pop
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