Where's the (remote)? on Wed 5/4/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Kitty Craft At The Charity Stripe Catskills March Records
Deadharrie Jade Washed Zoe Era new
Horsegirl Billy single Matador
Cibo Mato Sugar Water - Acoustic Super Relax
Grain Colors six bands from the capital of college music comp Barfly Records
Frisbie Let's Get Started The Subversive Sounds Of Love
Tex Patrello sour apple march VNC mixtape new
Swirlies Version in Harmony Retrograde Transposition (DJ Spooky) Strictly East Coast
Sacred Hearts Antidepressants single new
The Lounge Lizards Bob the Bob Voice of Chunk
Horse Jumper of Love I Poured Sugar in Your Shoes single new
Automatic New Beginning single new
Sweeping Promises Cross Me Out Hunger for a Way Out
The Glands No. Zero Double Thriller
Eternity's Children Mrs. Bluebird s/t
R.L. Burnside Goin' Down South Not The Same Old Blues Crap 3 Fat Possum
0fret x Nick Brobak memory VNC mixtape new
henderson century difference VNC mixtape new
The Ricos Same Spirit State new
null spuess muck new
Quasi The Sword of God The Sword of God
Abi Ooze RIP RIP new
Sword II First Rule of The Bug single new, based in Atlanta
The Pretty Things Grass Parachute
Prize Horse 3 Tiles single
Hum Isle of the Cheetah Downward is Heavenward

Where's the (remote)?

Derek H
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