Where's the (remote)? on Wed 5/11/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Gui.tar Hot Sun Trail Sunkissed
Lightning Bug Vision Scraps demo - Well Far Away Friends
Little Wings Shredder Sequel Wonderue
Fievel Is Glauque the Perfect Idiot God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess
lord high fixers My House is Burning once upon a time called RIGHT NOW!
Empath 80s (SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE Remix) "Whatever, Mortal" new
Flasher Sideways single
Clothesline from Hell Open Up! single new
The Apples in Stereo So Far Away More On Velocity Of Sound
MJ Lenderman Toontown Boat Songs new
Oval textuall Systemisch
Knifeplay Feel U Pearlty
MILLY Illuminate single new
Papa M Krusty "Whatever, Mortal"
Twig Dramahead Headshots
Nyxy Nyx I Love You So Much Made For This Life new
12 RODS Your Secret's Safe With Me I Love You So Much
Yuzo Iawata Border Daylight Moon
Secret Square I've Been Watching Secret Square
Mice Parade Bushwick & Knoll Bushwick & Knoll new
New model army Bittersweet 7 inch
@ Odor In The Court single new
Winston Hytwer Majic As Per My Last Email....
The Magnetic Fields Deep Sea Diving Suit Holiday
Capsize 7 Subgenius 7"
Freshly Wrapped Candies Think I Like You
Mad Professor Catch a Rat! Ariwa 2019 Riddim & Dub Series

Where's the (remote)?

Derek H
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