Open air covered by Cooper on Tue 6/7/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Empath Carpet Liberating Guilt and Fear [Dj Cooper]
KULI dream$ come true [Dj Cooper]
Slint Good Morning Captain [Dj John]
Fib start a new life s/t [Dj Cooper]
B-52s Party Out of Bounds Wild Planet [Dj Cooper]
Dahmer Consommateurs Leaders >> Unabomber Dahmer Split 7'' JeanXseberg [Dj Cooper]
Faux Fur Under Stair Storer Wet Floors (B-Sides) [Dj Cooper]
Coo Coo Rockin Time Plenty of Room on the Radio Coo Coo Party Time [Dj John]
Crush Nova (I Love You) Moon Pie Ice Cream Cone/ (I Love You) Moon Pie 7" [Dj John]
Deerhoof Bad Kids To The Front Breakup Song [Dj Cooper]
Crush Nova Ice Crean Cibe Ice Cream Cone/ (I Love You) Moon Pie 7" [Dj John]
Primal Rat Screw Terror For You s/t [Dj Cooper]
Jeff The Brotherhoodf Six Pack Single [Dj John]
Piglet's Big Game Foreboding 1 >> Foreboding 2 >> Sour Soundtrack: Foreboding 2 [Dj Cooper]
Corridor Goldie Junior [Dj John]
Scare Quotes Eternal Hoss Tactics [Dj Cooper]
Florry Jane Big Fall [Dj John]
Sunforger Jump In single [Dj Cooper]
Rollerskate Skinny Violence to Violence Shoulder Voices [Dj Cooper]
Jeff The Brother Hood In My Dreams Wasted on the Dream [Dj John]
Em Cadet Rather Bee autonomy (benefit for Haven Coalition) [Dj Cooper]
slint rhoda tweez [Dj John]
Lush Deluxe Mad Love [Dj John]
The Blue Nile Headlights on Parade Hats [Dj Cooper]
A Country Western When Was Yesterday single [Dj Cooper]
Pulsr Seaside Sent [Dj Cooper]
Telstar Drugs Coconuts [Dj Cooper]
Blue Smiley Warm s/t [Dj John]
Devo Girl u want Freedom of Choice [Dj John]

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