Post-This Post-That on Wed 7/13/22

Since we are still updating our equipment, here's a show that originally aired Dec 12, 2020 with help from Alina and Steve:)
Sounds like I'm yelling. Recorded the mic breaks over zoom and it seemed funny at the time.

Artist Title Album Label
I Think Like Midnight Daydream Pusher Kompromat EP
Bounaly Le Nord Nov 2020 Bandcamp track
David Nance Black Mustang Staunch Honey (honorary local musician?)?
Chris D and The Divine Horsemen Time stands still
Foxy Contin Fine Fine Fine This Time You're On Your Own
The Rip Holy Room Timeless Peace
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family My ancestors My ancestors
Zélia Barbosa Funeral do Lavrador Sertão e Favelas
Sparrow Steeple The World is Quiet but the earth is flat Bandcamp Nov 2020
Idrissa Soumaoro et l'Eclipse de l' I.J.A. Fama Allah Ampsa X
Yuzo Iwata Goodnight, daylight moon Daylight Moon
Astute Palate No Queen Astute Palate
Liliput Die Matrosen Kleenex/Liliput: Complete recordings
The Ex who pays History is What's Happening
Algara Una cosa más sin sentido alguno
Counter Intuits Rocket Surgery Monosylabilly
Sharhabil Ahmed Argos Farfish King of Sudanese Jazz
Writhing Squares Streetlight Nightmare 7"
Willie Lane (featuring artwork by Max Milgram) No path A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth
Opal Northern Line Early Recordings
David Kilgour Nail in my foot Sugar Mouth
Lewsberg Cold light of day In This House
Bill Direen Russian Rug A Memory of Others OST
Rowland S Howard/Nikki Sudden Wedding Hotel Wedding Hotel Creation
Muzzi Lafredo Maara ca pi Ttia Tu Ti Nni Futti! (also on Christ Stopped at Eboli OST) 1976
Gal Costa Tuareg Gal 1969
Etran de L'Aïr

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