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Music bed: Archie Shepp "Blasé"

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Illusions City of People City of People 1966
Flat River Missionaries Time Will Tell Time Will Tell 1968
Christie Laume Rouge, Rouge WIZZZ! French Psychedelic 1966-1969 Volume 1 2023 (2001)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band I Won't Hurt You Volume 1 1994 (1966)
Black Watch I Wish I Had the Nerve I Wish I Had the Nerve 1967
XV Tasmanian Angels On the Creekbeds on the Thrones 2023
Blues Ambush Our Nudes Blues Ambush 2023
Guerilla Toss Bird in a Basket Guerilla Toss/Sediment Club 12" 2014
Warm Girls Kung Fu on the Internet Warm Girls 2023
Last 4 Digits City Streets Electrocute Your Cock! Volume 1 2021
Ponys Auf Pump Probezit Ponys Auf Pump 2023
NYLON No Bother Tang 2021
Raymilland Climate Recordings '79-81 2009
Yfory Baled y Dolmen Yfory 2023
Penetration Future Daze Moving Targets 1978
BOB The Things That You Do The Things That You Do 1980
Les Abranis Caenar Le Blues Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983 2023
Q4U Pelagus-FFH Q4U: Best Of 2011
Tchier Abdelgani Laaroussa A Moi La Liberte - Early Electronic Raï (Algérie 1983-90) 2023
Steve Kilbey Aphrodite Earthed 1988
Hallelujahs Pie-Para-Para Eat Meat, Swear an Oath 2023 (2022)
Visual Purple Noise Visual Purple 2022 (1996)
The Pin Group Jim Time to Go 1997
Straight Arrows Fast Product Fast Product 2023
Institute Immortality Salt EP 2014
X-Ray Spex The Day the World Turned Dayglo Germfree Adolescents 1978 (request)

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Join host Allison Error for power pop, jangle pop, new wave, punk and more! Sometimes featuring guest sets in the first hour from DJs based in Philly and beyond. It's company you deserve! Music for drivin', home listening, cookin', and more of life's adventures.
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