Pol Haus on Fri 6/23/23

Continuing with the monthly shows, this one being a big focus on a summer, pool party day (*′☉.̫☉)
genres: pool party, euro beat, house

Artist Title Album New
Deep Sleep Love Me (Vocal Vrs.)
Magic Dolphin Club Gypsy Woman (Alex Aguayo Edit) Taccia Edits - Vol. II
DR. GABBA Ultima
Lisa Jane Hot Tonic (Tom Junior's Daytime Tech Mix)
Afro Medusa Pasilda - Knee Deep Remix
Silicone Soul Right On!
Mall Grab Pool Party Music
Magic Dolphin Club Tongoneo (Soos' Acid Edit) Taccia Edits - Vol. II
X-Coast/DJ Boring Todos Los Latinos
Tony Rainwater Wet Zanzibar Dolphin Stampede
Peggy Gou (It Goes Like) Nanana
ekaj cant get you out of my head (ekaj remake)
Sash! Ecuador (Klubbheads Mix) It's My Life
VA La Cream / Chateau D'Amour `
DJ Gigola & X-COAST Ich bin ready (X-Coast Version) G-COAST
Janis Zielinski Summer Feelings Are Waiting
babyheat Yung Lean - SummerTime Blood (babyheat Edit)
benuebermensch Quiero Contigo Bailar

Pol Haus

onna mule
This program is not on the schedule.
Friday 5-6pm
Monthly mixes. Ranging from hard groove, tech house, disco house, trance + whatever else is the mood ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ | follow on IG for updates to the next shows -> https://www.instagram.com/onna_mule/ | latest mixes -> https://on.soundcloud.com/T4vQD
bunch of techno
hard groove
disco house + more
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