Pol Haus on Wed 4/17/24

more acidic of a mix, but.. not bad?? ngl was throwing myself for a loop w this one. all in light spirits though ♪(´▽`)

genres: acid house/techno, minimal techno


Artist Title Album
M.anchester A.cid F.actory MCR/CHI M.anchester A.cid F.actory
Gerd Videophonic (Extended Version) Kosmos Tour
Ghetto25 Uk Sport (Eric Cantona Mix) Besancon Rhytmique Club
E91 Pursuit Posse Vol. Four
SJ Tequilla Horse Ride GG Allien
Jock Club / Earthsurface Back To SP Bad Behavior
Cevin Fisher Mas Groove (GO For Yours Groove)
Lag & X-Coast M-Bomb XL Traxx EP
Kraftwerk It's More Fun To Compute (Sound of Drowning & Guevarism Edit)
AceMo Spirit Spiders Unreleased Trax Volume 2
Paurro They're Here! Galavision
AceMo Something to Look Forward To Unreleased Trax Volume 2
DJ Life Hurdle Tech Essentials 1
Piezo OiOiOi ANSIA003

Pol Haus

onna mule
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hard groove
disco house + more
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