Monster Truck Backflip on Wed 7/10/24

Episode 3: So there's this monster truck and uhhhhh....
Guest hosted by DJ eli

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Ozma Shooting Stars Rock and Roll Part Three
Gang of Four Damaged Goods Entertainment!
PUP Kids Morbid Stuff
Late of the Pier Broken Fantasy Black Channel
Weatherday Older Than Before (Oswald Made No Way for Himself) Come In
Friko Chemical Where we've been, Where we go from here
Ovlov I Got Well Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Title Fight Secret Society Floral Green
Hayes Noble Pushin' On As It Was, As We Were
Jeff Rosenstock Hey Allison!` We Cool?
GING NANG BOYZ Trash Young Alive in Love
King Krule Time for Slurp Shhhhhhh!
Bloc Party Luno Silent Alarm
Title Fight Where am I? Shed
Heavy Metal Chess Club Quarter To (Live at Studio One) Live at Studio One new
Oso Oso shoes (the sneaker song) the yunahon mixtape

Monster Truck Backflip

Wednesday 11am-12pm
songs like sharp objects
Dance Punk
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