Late Night in the Daylight on Tue 2/2/10

Artist Title Album
The Once Was We Kill, We Cry, We Die
Thom McCarthy Cheesesteaks Live Forever in the City of Brotherly Love
Cheap Seats Chained to Me
Jonah Delso Elevator
Nikki Jaine Pretty Faces
Sounds From Atlantis Crocodile Teeth
The Album Leaf There is a Wind
Brent Shuttleworth When I Reach California
Anthony Green Dear Child
Left on Red Crash and Burn
Person L Untitled
Tex and Joe Buck Pornstar
Jamiroquai Corner of the Eath
The Bloodsugars Bloody Mary
Nikka Costa Can't Please Everybody
Matt Duke Oysters (Live From Late Night Series)
Matt Duke The Father, The Son, and The Harlot's Ghost Kingdom Underground
Menomena Muscle N' Flow Friend and Foe

Late Night in the Daylight

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Tuesday 3-5pm
Embrace the wrongness. Sometimes the best way to deal with this world is just to give it the finger, smile, laugh and enjoy the rest of your day. That's where Sean and PostMidnight come in. Bringing you the best in underground music, comedy and poetry, Late Night Series is all about taking conventional radio, bending it over, and going to town. Come get your Rockstar Love...
Rockstar Love
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