The Radio Show at the End of the Universe on Thu 2/11/10

Fred Covering

Artist Title Album New
Charlotte Gainsbourg Me And Jane Doe IRM
Basia Bulat If Only You Heart Of My Own
Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man Sigh No More
Owen No More No Where Joan Of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control
Gigi Alone At The Pier Maintenant
You Say Party! We Say Die! Laura Palmer's Prom XXXX
The Album Leaf Stand Still A Chorus Of Storytellers
Shout Out Louds Fall Hard Work
Shannon and the Clams The Warlock In The Woods I Wanna Go Home
Fucked Up Anorak City Couple Tracks: 2002-2008

The Radio Show at the End of the Universe

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Thursday 2-4pm
Playing the best of the chill world from ambient to trip-hop to experimental jazz and anything in between. Tune in Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5 to hear the best of what the cosmos has to offer.
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