I have been a dj on WKDU since the winter of 1995, despite what this website notes. The show started in the early days as early morning drive time, Dj 's Roo's Pocket of Alien Delights. the to the Trance - Acid Experience , the later Passion Sequence to today's Politics of Dancing. All the while the themes have been emotional technology, trance, acid , breaks, progressive house and electronica. I was on weekly until 2009, when I moved across the river to the land of parking lots and farms, South Jersey and being a grown up sort of took over.
Becoming a mother in 2011 really changed by lens on both the music and the scene in total. Now I was up late at all hours but not partying, and it was then that i realized how important the music had been in my life all those years.. and in fact the thread that has brought me back! I am delighted to be with you starting your mornings and ANYTIME (via SoundCLOUD) off right sharing those delicious moments of club life from the the late 90's and early 2000's; Tunes you remember on the dance floor, and some you don't. Let me take you on there journey again and make any morning worth waking up for!

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The Politics of Dancing
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