Soup Is Good Food on Tue 3/16/10

don't judge me.

Artist Title Album New
Fucked Up Dream Come True Couple Tracks
Angry Serfs Analysis Livin In The 00's
Lighten Up! Invisible Checks Absolutely Not
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus Forever The Monitor
Shannon And The Clams Cat Party I Wanna Go Home
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists The Stick Brutalist Bits
Happy Birthday Pink Strawberry Shake Happy Birthday
Meisce When The Guns Have All Been Fired Shipwreck In A Bottle
The Tossers Mad Riot Long Dim Road
The Mahones Queen & Tequila Shite 'n' Onions V1
Pogues f/ Dubliners The Irish Rover some collection or something
Blood Or Whiskey Rudy No Time To Explain
Big Bad Bollocks Manchester Picadilly Hanged At Gibber Rock
Junior ? Rights!
Blood Or Whiskey Your Majesty Shite 'n' Onions V1
The Pubcrawlers Back Home In Derry One Too Many
Dropkick Murphys The DIrty Glass Blackout
Filthy Thieving Bastards Phony Drunken Poet I'm A Son of a Gun
Bread And Roses Throw The Bosses Off Your Back Loved But Unrespected
The Pogues Navigator Rum, Sodomy, & The Lash
Clancy Brothers & The Dubliners Tim Finnegan's Wake some collection or something
Mutiny Drink To Better Days Rum Rebellion
Jugopunch Blackheart Shite 'n' Onions V2
Street Dogs Unions And The Law (alt version) Fat City: Bands We Like 2
The Tossers The Pub Long Dim Road
The Steam Pig The Wise Old Men Of Dominick Street Shite 'n' Onions V1
Siobhan The Kilfinane Parish Shite 'n' Onions V1
The Greenland Whalefishers Ramones Down And Out
Jack Flash T.B.P. July Tour EP
Meisce Sean Riley Shipwrecked In A Bottle
Catgut Mary Bourbon And Black Porter Bourbon And Black Porter
The Rumjacks Marie's Wedding Sound As A Pound
Real McKenzies Pour Decisions 10,000 Shots
The Go Set Davey The Hungry Mile
Gerap Gurita Bersama Lagi Bersama Kawan
Stiff Little Fingers Wasted Life Inflammable Material
Flatfoot 56 Loaded Gun Jungle Of The Midwest Sea
Dropkick Murphys The Rocky Road To Dublin Sing Loud, Sing Proud
Black Flag My War My War
The Adolescents Amoeba The Adolescents
Gang Green Alcohol Another Wasted Night
Paint It Black Bliss Amnesia
Severed Head Of State Stand In Harms Way Fucking Butchery 7"
Deathwish Break The Chains Tailgate
The FU's Walking Tall Do We Really Want To Hurt You?
10-4 Eleanor It's Alive ...Too Bad...
The Courtesy Tier Buddy Casey Map And A Marker
The Menzingers They Speak Of My Drinking, But Never Of My Thirst Hold On, Dodge
Screeching Weasel Hey Suburbia Boogadaboogadaboogada
Off With Their Heads Until The Day... From The Bottom
Jawbreaker Busy Unfun
Rocket From The Crypt Middle Scream, Dracula, Scream!
The Falcon Unicorn Odyssey Unicornography
Dillinger Four Q: How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? Versus God
Future Of The Left Throwing Bricks At Trains Travels With Myself And Another
Fucked Up I Hate Summer Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
Fucked Up David's Plan Live @ WKDU (2/18/2010)
Mirrors And Wires track 3? Mirrors And Wires
Nanuchka Red A Carefully Planned Accident
Mischief Brew A Liquor Never Brewed Smash The Windows
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Just The Best party Just The Best Party
Cock Sparrer Watch Your Back Shock Troops
The Oppressed Riot Fatal Blow/ Dead & Buried
Far From Finished Plague Living in The Fallout
Riverdales Mental Retard Phase 3
The Falcon Unicorn Odyssey Unicornography
Dillinger Four Q: How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? Versus God
Bomb The Music industry! 493 Ruth Get Warmer
Cobra Skulls Anybody Scene My Cobra? Sitting Army
Riverboat Gamblers Ice Water Something To Crow About


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