Soup Is Good Food on Sun 3/21/10


Artist Title Album New
Fucked Up Heir Apparent Live @ WKDU (2/18/2010)
Fucked Up David's Plan Live @ WKDU (2/18/2010)
Fucked Up Mustaa Lunta Live @ WKDU (2/18/2010)
The Adolescents Rip It Up The Adolescents
The Orphans The Government Stole My Germs CD Raise The Youth
Minor Threat Salad Days Complete Discography
Vice Squad Latex Love No Cause For Concern
Abe Froman The Most Beautiful Sight Plan It X #2
Blatz Homemade Speed Shit Split
The Max Levine Ensemble Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self-Refferential? OK Smartypants
Guignol Hallowed Be Thy Name Fight Dirty
The World/ Inferno Friendship Society All The World Is A Stage (Dive) Just The Best Party
Mischief Brew & Guignol Off The Books Fight Dirty
Defiance Ohio Can't Stop, Won't Stop The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
Chuch Ragan Coal Tattoo Daytrotter Sessions
Johnny Hobo Church Hymn For The Condemned Live At Bandit HQ
Andrew Jackson Jihad Rejoyce People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World
The Underground Railroad To Candyland Body Of The Bird Bird Roughs
The Underground Railroad To Candyland Paint Thin Walls Bird Roughs
Grabass Charlestons Dale Fest 8
Anchor Sunday Drunken Sunday Anchor Arms/ Anchor Split
Jonesin' I Wish The Sun Was A Giant Pizza 7 Inch Songs
Monikers What We Had Men
Madison Bloodbath The Golden State Is Not So Golden Anchor Arms Split
Dude Jams Anthemagic Split w/ Too Many Daves
Off With Their Heads SOS Insub Fest 08
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Love American Style Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Ruiner Two Words Bridge Nine Comp
Anchor Arms Capital Letters Anchor Arms/ The Anchor split
Future Of The Left Small bones, Small bodies Curses!
Sticks & Stones The Optimists Club The Strike And Times
The Holy Mess Captain, We're Drinking DISMOUNT
The Riot Before The Uttica Stare So Long, The Lighthouse
Cheap Girls Stop Now Find Me A Drink Home
Lighten Up! Invisible Checks Absolutely Not
Eyeball Prosthetic Head Prosthetic Head
The Murder City Devils I Drank The Wine In Name And Blood
Hard-Ons Ferdi's Song White Folks Suck
Screeching Weasel Love To Hate Boogadaboogadaboogada
The Mr. T Experience Zero Making Things With Light
Plaid Retina Insecurities Arise Pink Eye
Surrogate Brains If The Things They Say Are True Surrogate Serenades
Operation Ivy Troublebound Plea For Peace
Crimpshrine Summertime The Thing That Ate Floyd
Blotto Lullabye For You, The Hotshot My Life In A Jugular Vein
Dillinger Four Maximum Piss & Vinegar Versus God
Sewer Trout President Of The Anarchist Club Songs About Drinking
Riverdales Agent For H.A.R.M. Invasion USA
Teenage Bottlerocket Pacemaker Warning Device
The Adicts Chinese Takeaway Sound Of Music
The Lillingtons One Armed Man Backchannel Broadcasts
The Briefs Lint Fabrik Steal Yer Heart
Jawbreaker Chesterfield King Bivouac
Cobra Skulls Faith Is A Cobra Sitting Army
Samiam Tired 'O Waiting I Am EP
Blitz Warriors Warriors
Roll The Tanks Look At Me Suffer City
Riverboat Gamblers What's What Something To Crow About
Dear Landlord High Fives Dream Homes
Operation: Cliff Clavin Some Strange Reason Split CD
Chinese Telephones I Can't be Right Chinese Telephones
High Tension Wires Wax Lips And Blood On The Telephone Midnight Cashier
Monikers Settlement Wake Up
Banner Pilot Central Standard Collapser
Dead To Me By The Throat Cuban Ballerina
Landmines If You Were In This Band, You'd be Drunk By Now Landmines
Hit The Switch The Leader In Generic Punk Bands Observing Infinities
Rehasher Turn Around High Speed Access To My Brain
Propaghandi Anti-Manifesto How To Clean Everything
Bombshell Rocks 1.80 Down some comp
Candy Snatchers Buzzsay Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed
The Gaslight Anthem I Coul'da Been A Contender Sink Or Swim
Nothington Not Looking Down Roads, Bridges, & Ruins
Arrivals Fat Of The Land Marvels Of Industry
Ringers Walking Ghost Detention Halls
Gimp The Only Other Way Smiles For Macavity
Bomb The Music Industry! My Response To An Article In Alternative Press Goodbye Cool World
Slapstick February One Slapstick
Naked Raygun Only In America Throb Throb
Runnin' Riot Johnny Reggae Reclaim The Streets
Common Rider Blackbirds Vs. Crows This Is Unity Music
Big D And The Kids Table Checklist The Gipsy Hill EP
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Doves And Civilians Live From The Middle East
MU330 Wide Awake Chumps On Parade
The Flatliners Open Hearts And Bloody Grins Ska Is Dead
The Specials Concrete jungle Specials
Cockney Rejects Where The Hell Is Babylon Greatest Hits V.1
The 4 Skins Evil The Good, The Bad, And The 4 Skins
Cock Sparrer Working Shock Troops
The Pinkerton Thugs Factory Life End Of An Era
The Briggs Everyone's An Actor Back To Higher Ground
Street Dogs In Defense Of Dorchester Back To The World


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