Soup Is Good Food on Tue 5/4/10

to the windooow! to the wall!

set your alarm to play everyday i'm hustlin.

Artist Title Album New
Nothington This Conversation Ends Roads, Bridges, & Ruins
The Max Levine Ensemble Thrash Mt. Towson OK Smartypants
The Cute Lepers Thanks For Not Showing Up Smart Accessories
Mean Jeans Born On A Saturday Night Are You Serious
Eddy Current Suppression Ring I Got A Feeling Rush To Relax
Kudrow Commutilation! Lando
The Dicks I Hope You Get Drafted Peace? 7"
Electric Franklenstein Get Off My Back Conquers The World!
Jerry's Kids Break The Mold Is This My World?
The Measure [SA] Drunk By Noon Songs About People And Fruit n' Shit
SS Decontrol Jock Itch The Kids Will Have Their Say
DYS Wolfpack/ Bible Wolfpack
A Global Threat Cut-Ups Where The Sun Never Sets
Cro-Mags World Peace Age Of Quarrel
Barnaby Jones Bill Murray Demands A Circle Pit Barnaby Jones
Carpenter Ant Captain Firecrotch I Still Have The Drive
Battalion Of Saints Modern Day Hero Death-R-Us
Articles Of Faith Buried Alive Complete Vol. 1 1981-1983
Chaos U.K. 4 Minute Warning Punk And Disorderly
Bad Religion Part III How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Bad Brains Attitude Bad Brains
Circle Jerks Wild In The Streets Wild In The Streets
Conflict Conflict There Must Be Another Way
Avail Deep Wood Over The James
Dead To Me Cause Of My Anger Cuban Ballerina
Young Livers Finger To The Pulse Of Misery And Toil
Bucketflush Peeping Tom This Fuckin' City
Abe Froman After The Fact Some Shit
Blatz Donuts Banned In R.C.
No Empathy Strapped On Olbivion/ No Empathy Split
The Bananas Soda Jerk Plan-It-X Comp #2
Fugazi Bad Mouth 13 Songs
Bedspreads Judge Dredd Why March When You Can Riot?
The Hold Steady Barely Breating Heaven Is Whenever
Jets To Brazil Perfecting Loneliness Perfecting Loneliness
Frank Turner I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous Love, Ire, & Song
Defiance, Ohio The List The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
Chuck Ragan Between The Lines Live At Hafenkneipe Zuerich
Peter And The Test Tube Babies I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am) Punk Bastards D2
Cock Sparrer Riot Squad Shock Troops
The Bomb Up From The Floor Indecision
The Brokedowns We Are Billionaires New Brains For Everyone
Cobra Skulls Time And Pressure American Rubicon
Future Of The Left Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood Curses!
The Falcon The Angry Cry Of The Angry Pie Unicornography
Riverboat Gamblers Mark My Words Backsides
The Steinways Attaching Transmittals To Erection Drawings Gorilla Marketing


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