Soup Is Good Food on Tue 7/27/10

Artist Title Album New
Mayflower I Never... Second Best Sunsets
The Arrivals I Got Bit Marvels Of Industry
Classics Of Love Countdown Walking In Shadows
Scared Of Chaka Japan Masonic Youth
Smalltown Years, Months Years, Months 7"
Off With Their Heads All I Can Do In Desolation
Off With Their Heads ZZYZX In Desolation
Onion Flavored Rings Down Bitchin'/ Onion Flavored Rings Split
Grabass Charlestons Dale Fest 8
The Riot Before Jam Is A Four Letter Word So Long, The Lighthouse
The Menzingers I Was Born Chamberlain Waits
The Holy Mess Captain, We're Drinking! DISMOUNT
Propaghandi Anti-Manifesto How To Clean Everything
Fucked Up Police Police 7"
Descendents Hope Milo Goes To College
Black Flag Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Damaged
Agent Orange Bored Of You Living In Darkness
The FU's Warlord Flipside Vinyl Fanzine v1
Circle Jerks Live Fast, Die Young Rat Music For Rat People
Jeff The Brotherhood Dreamscape Heavy Days
Mean Jeans Born On A Saturday Night Are You Serious
NOFX Linoleum Punk In Drublic
Riverdales Riverdales Stomp Storm The Streets
Dry Feet Shoobie Death March Philadelphia Beach
Wavves Post Acid King Of The Beach
Wipers Tragedy Is This Real?
The Specials Concrete Jungle Specials
The Selecter On My Radio Too Much Pressure
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Burnin Streets Streetcore
Egg Hunt We All Fall Down Me And You
Minutement This Ain't No Picnic Double Nickles On The Dime
fIREHOSE Brave Captain Ragin' Full On
Snuff Do Nothing Flibbidydibbidydop
Misfits Hybrid Moments Static Age
Dead Boys Ain't Nothin' To Do Young, Loud, And Snotty
Hard-Ons Ferdi's Song White Folks Suck
Beerzone Stuck In Here Against The Flow
Mclusky The London Whine Company Mcluskyism
The Brokedowns Stop Snitchin' split w/ The Arrivals
The Underground Railroad To Candyland Burn Boy/ Everybody Wants One Bird Roughs
Plaid Retina Insecurities Arise Pink Eye
Dead Milkemn Stuart
The Mr. T Experience Zero Making Things With Light
Swingin' Utters I Need Feedback Five lessons Learned
Tiltwheel Fuck You This Place Is Dead Anyways The High Hate Us
Toys That Kill Little Bit Stranger The Citizen Abortion
Cobra Skulls Hasta Los Cobra Skulls Siempre Draw Mohammed
The Steinways Fuckmarket


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