Soup Is Good Food covered by Alejandro on Tue 11/2/10


Artist Title Album New
mummies land of 1000 dances tales from the crypt
heavy cream keep it cool danny
cannomen black hole black hole
marvelous darlings i dont wanna go to the party i dont wanna go to the party
home blitz perpetual night perpetual night
drive like jehu here come the rome plows yank crime
bad brains sacred loved i against i
wax hanging on 13 unlucky numbers
black wine tornado single
todd c. rain on parade clown sounds
big soda the flood paper route
guns n wankers sunstroke for dancing and listening
meemaw cancer of society glass elevator
byrds of paradise omega man 7"
pujol black rabbit black rabbit b/w too safe
natural child ray thompson's blues white man's burden
pissed jeans l word your life is worth
dead fucking last dfl 7"
gorilla biscuits hold your ground 7"
f no you are an
j church racked racked
the fresh-o-matics the 10th plan 7"
jeff the brotherhood diamond way ty segall split
camp formio sound check spooky fools
tenement city bus 7"
the bananas hopeful spiders a slippery subject
none more black sinatra after dark icons
go! for the throat love it or leave it here and now


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