Soup Is Good Food on Tue 11/30/10

all female vocalists!

Artist Title Album New
Bikini Kill Demi Rep Singles
Avengers Teenage Rebel Died For Your Sins
Frightwig Only You Wild Women Never Die
The Bags Survive Survive 7"
Electric Deads 30 Years Anti-Sex EP
X Nausea Los Angeles
Tilt White Homes Play Cell
The Distillers I Am A Revenant Sing Sing Death House
L7 Bite The Wax Tadpole L7
Lunachicks Sugar Luv Lunachicks
Conflict Who Will some comp
Vice Squad Last Rockers No Cause For Concern
The Slits Vindictive Peel Sessions 1977
Carnivores Parent's Attic If I'm Ancient
Dishrags I Don't Love You
Action Pact Suicide Bag
Icon A.D. Fight For Peace
Plasmatics Butcher Baby
Discount Pocket Bomb
The Gits Another Shot Of Whiskey
Horrorpops Where They Wander
The Creepshow Shake
DIRT Democracy
Crass Where Next Columbus
The Rezillios Flying Saucer Attack
The Selecter On My Radio
The Epoxies Robot Man
Blatz Donuts
Team Dresch Hate The Christian Right!
The Muffs Lucky Guy
Grave Black Cross
Tribe 8 Manipulate
Bratmobile Panik
X-Ray Spex Genetic Engineering
The Stripes Weekend Love
Penetration Money Talks
Rizzo Baby, You Fucked Up
Lemuria Race The Germ
Be Your Own Pet Girls On TV
Big Eyes Prefer To Be Alone
Screaming Females Sheep


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