Soup Is Good Food on Tue 2/8/11

Dear Meghan,
Sorry I played reagan things.

playlist is wrong. missed stuff while retrieving band. also I played like 8 RFTC songs.

Artist Title Album New
D.O.A. Fucked Up Ronnie The Dawning Of A New Error
Reagan Youth Reagan Youth A Collection Of Pop Classics
Suicidal Tendencies I Shot The Devil Suicidal Tendencies
Direct Control Ronnie's Dead You're Controlled
NOFX Reagan Sucks Fuck The Kids
D.R.I. Reaganomics Dirty Rotten LP
Dayglo Abortions Ronald McRaygun Feed Us A Fetus
The World/ Inferno Friendship Society Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA Hallowmas Live At Northsix
Minutemen If Reagan Played Disco Bean-Spill EP
Dead Kennedys We've Got A Bigger Problem Now In God We Trust, Inc.
The Dead Milkmen Right Wing Pigeons Big Lizard In My Backyard
The 241ers Ronnie Goes To Heaven Murderers
Frank Turner Dan's Song Poetry Of The Deed
Mischief Brew Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell Ba:Ke:Nal'
Fay Wray Jenny I Love Everyone
Onion Flavored Rings 1205 Two Minutes Enlightenment
Leftovers Cigarettes And Alcohol Cigarettes And Alcohol EP
Bomb The Music Industry! 25! Scrambles
Ringers Duck And Cover Detention Halls
Cringer Confession Karin 7"
The Queers Monster Zero Love Songs For The Retarted
Screeching Weasel My Brain Hurts My Brain Hurts
Mean Jeans Born On A Satuday Night Are You Serious?
Kill Conrad More Peter North Punkdownload Comp
Fucked Up Fixed Race Couple Tracks
Cro-Mags Street Justice Age Of Quarrel
The Germs No God MIA
Stressface Wash The Blade Fest 7 Comp
North Lincoln Spy Midwestern Blood
Nothington Not Looking Down Roads, Bridges, & Ruins
Avail Deep Wood Over The James
Shook Ones So Grown Up Facetious Folly Feat
Hit The Switch The Leader In Generic Punk Bands Observing Infinities
Propaghandi A Speculative Fiction Potemkin City Limits
OFF! Panic Attack First Four EPs
Circle Jerks Operation Group Sex
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown The First Four Years
Ink & Dagger The Road To Hell Drive This Really Long Title Into My Hands Kinda Hurt
Gatorface Luxury Lost Wasted Monuments
That's Incredible Magnetic Hands That's Incredible
Shorebirds Gotta Get The Gist It's Gonna Get Ugly
The Night Marchers I Wanna Deadbeat You See You In Magic
Jeff The Brotherhood Heavy Krishna Heavy Days
Pujol Black Rabbit Black Rabbit
Natural Child Crack Mountain Natural Child
Samiam Bad Day Orphan Works
Hot Water Music Elektra Split w/ Clairmel
Leatherface Dead Industrial Atmosphere Mush
Witches With Dicks Yes Mark Its Tentative Manual


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