Soup Is Good Food on Tue 3/8/11

playlist is waaaay wrong. sorry! things got hectic. off with their heads was here. no in-studio, but buzzer sounds and FYP songs so close enough.

Artist Title Album New
Minutemen History Lesson- Pt II Double Nickels On The DIme
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Johnny Appleseed Global A Go-Go
Dry Feet Long Live Dry Feet Philadelphia Beach
Man Or Astro-Man? Gargantua's Last Stand Destroy All Astromen!
The Underground Railroad To Candyland Over And O'er Bird Roughs
Obits Widow Of My Dreams I Blame You
The Arrivals The Power Won't Be Staying On For Long Volatile Molotov
The World/ Inferno Friendship Society Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK? The Anarchy And The Ecstacy
Mayflower S.A.D. Song Second Best Sunsets
10-4 Eleanor (not elway. i call shenanigans!) Dressed To Imprestevez Words Cannot Explain How Much Fuck This Band
The Menzingers So It Goes Chamberlain Waits
The Creeps Follow You Home Walk You Home
Shang-A-Lang Five Long Years Collection
Screeching Weasel Don't Turn Out The Lights My Brain Hurts
Stiff Little Fingers Tin Soldiers Nobody's Heroes
X-Ray Spex Art I Ficial Germfree Adolescents
Screaming Females Laura And Marty Castle Talk
Natural Child Crack Mountain 7"
Shannon And The Clams Blast Me To Bermuda I Wanna Go Home
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Isn't It Nice Rush To Relax
Pujol Too Safe
Samiam Home Sweet Home Orphan Works
The Menzingers Tasker-Morris Station Chamberlain Waits
The Menzingers No We Didn't Chamberlain Waits
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures In America Volatile Molotov
Shang-A-Lang I'm So Free Collection
Shang-A-Lang Five Long Years Collection


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