Soup Is Good Food on Tue 3/15/11

Artist Title Album New
Billy Bragg There Is Power In A Union Talking With The Taxman About Poetry
The Anchor Sunday Drunken Sunday Split w/ Anchor Arms
Jonesin' I Wish The Sun Was A Giant Pizza 7 Inch Songs
Monikers What We Had Men
The Arrivals Two Years Volatile Molotov
One Win Choice Live at WKDU
One Win Choice Live At WKDU
One Win Choice Live at WKDU
Carpenter Ant Captain Firecrotch I Still Have The Drive
Ink & Dagger Philadelphiapsychosis Live on WKDU
Paint It Black White Kids Dying Of Hunger New Lexicon
The Brokedowns Space Babies New Brains For Everyone
North Lincoln Spy Midwestern Blood
None More Black Iron Mouth Act Icons
Propaghandi A Speculative Fiction Potemkin City Limits
Hit The Switch Me And My Friend Rad Observing Infinities
Judge Hold Me Back Chung King Can Suck It
Youth Of Today Keep It Up We're Not Alone In This
Fucked Up The Black Hats Year Of The Pig
Naked Raygun Managua Throb Throb
Psyched To Die Sterile Walls Sterile Walls
Allergic To Bullshit Train I Ride Train I Ride
Isocracy Rodeo Bedtime For Isocracy
Scared Of Chaka Japan Masonic Youth
Shang-A-Lang Summertime Colelction
Screeching Weasel Don't Turn Out The Lights My Brain Hurts
Crimpshrine Situation Quit Talkin, Claude
The Wynona Riders Break Can Of Pork
Screeching Weasel Punkhouse Kill The Musicians
McLusky Gareth Brown Says Do Dallas
Wire Options R Pink Flag
Chelsea 12 Men Chelsea
Wipers Tragedy Is This Real
The Shortcuts Omaha 30 Pack
The Sidekicks Hop On A Sea Cow And Manatee Up Sam
Latterman Zombies Are Pissed No Matter Where We Go!
Fracture No Way DNA DIscography
Fay Wray Jenny I Love Everyone
Onion Flavored Rings 1205 Tonight Two Minutes Enlightenment
Potential Johns Can I Really Not Go Out With You? 7"
Titus Andronicus Theme From Cheers The Monitor


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