Soup Is Good Food on Wed 4/6/11

Artist Title Album New
Propagandhi A Speculative Fiction Potemkin City Limits
Hit The Switch Me And My Friend Rad Observing Infinities
Carpenter Ant White Belt Warriors I Still Have The Drive
One Win Choice Movements Live @ WKDU
In My Eyes Overlooked The Difference Between
Lighten Up! Absolutely Not Absolutely Not
Gorilla Biscuits Forgotten Start Today
Fugazi Instrument In On The Kill Taker
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinnison Woman Sam Kinnison Woman 7"
Plaid Retina It Pink Eye
Mind Spiders Mind Spiders Theme The Mind Spiders
Roll The Tanks No More Scoffing Suffer City
Mclusky You Are My Sun My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours
Marked Men Red Light Rumors Ghosts
Riverboat Gamblers Rattle Me Bones Something To Crow About
Toys That Kill Little Bit Stranger The Citizen Abortion
Andrew Jackson Jihad We Didn't Come Here To Rock Can't Maintain
Grabass Charlestons Dale Split w/ Toys That Kill
Off With Their Heads I Hope you Know From The Bottom
Frank Turner Photosynthesis The First Three Years
Chuck Ragan Coal Tattoo Live At wgwhwh
The Murder City Devils Press Gang In Name And Blood
Cheap Girls Stay High (Magic) Find Me A Drink Home
Foretters Too Small To Fail Too Small To Fail
None More Black Budapest Gambit Icons
North Lincoln Bridge Jumpers Midwestern Blood
Spanish Gamble The Unheard Chorus Carry The Torch
Black Flag Rise Above Damaged
Cockney Rejects Police Car Greatest Hits v.1
Angelic Upstarts I'm An Upstart Teenage Warning
OFF! Black Thoughts The First Four EPs
OFF! Darkness The First Four EPs
OFF! I Don't Belong The First Four EPs
OFF! Upside Down The First Four EPs
OFF! Poison City The First Four EPs


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