Soup Is Good Food on Tue 9/20/11

Artist Title Album New
Anchor Sunday Drunken Sunday split w/ Anchor Arms
Jonesin' I Wish The Sun Was A Giant Pizza 7"
Monikers What We Had Men
The Holy Mess A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer Benefit Sesh
Hot Water Music Turnstyle Fuel For The Hate Game
Leather No Motivation Sterile
Carpenter Ant Captain Firecrotch I Still Have The Drive
Paint It Black White Kids Dying Of Hunger New Lexicon
The Brokedowns Space Babies New Brains For Everyone
North Lincoln Spy Midwestern Blood
None More Black Iron Mouth Act Icons
Propaghandi A Speculative Fiction Potemkin City Limits
Hit The Switch Me And My Friend Rad Observing Infinities
Fucked Uo Let Her Rest David Comes To Life
Naked Raygun Managua Throb Throb
Zero Boys Civilization's Dying Vicious Circle
Snuff Not Listening Snuff Said...
Leatherface Not A Day Goes By Mush
Descendents Bikeage Milo Goes To College
Arrivals Children's Crusade Volatile Molotov
Toys That Kill Bill Buckner Shanked!
The Menzingers Deep Sleep Chamberlain Waits
Psyched To Die Sterile Walls Sterile Walls
Allergic To Bullshit Train I Ride Train I Ride
Too Many Daves Curb Stomp Your Enthusiasm Weekend At Dave's
Tiltwheel Fuck Your Yams The High Hate Us
Fugazi Instrument In On The Kill Taker
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinison Woman Sam Kinison Woman
Plaid Retina IT Pink Eye
Mind Spiders Mind Spiders Theme The Mind Spiders
The Ergs Extra Medium Dorkrockcorkrod
Fracture No Way DNA Discography
High Tension Wires Smile And Lie Send A Message
The Orphans The Government Stole My Germs CD Raise The Youth
Far From Finished Watch Your Back Raise The Youth
Cobra Skulls Lost In Campaigns Never Be A Campaign
Bomb The Music Industry Vocal Coach Vacation
Fleshies Aphids Brown Flag
Dinosaur Jr. Tarpit You're Living All Over Me
Archers Of Loaf Last Word Icky Mettle
Frank Turner Glory Halleluja England Keep My Bones
Chuck Ragan Nomad By Fate Covering Ground


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