Soup Is Good Food on Tue 11/22/11

sit in bailed. bad requests were made and largely ignored. barry be praised.

Artist Title Album
Crimpshrine Situation Quit Talkin, Claude
Scared Of Chaka Japan Masonic Youth
Osker Panic
Cringer Pay To Play
Sunnyside Worldly Posessions = Crack Pipe + Leather Jacker Show 'Em The Hand v.1
The Lawrence Arms Them Angels Been Talkin' Buttsweat And Tears
The Ergs! The Second Foundation Upstairs/ Downstairs
J Church Racked Arbor Vitae
Dillinger Four Sellthehousesellthecarsellthekidssomethinsomethingsomethin Situationalist Comedy
Radon Rehab Barbie Metric Buttloads Of Rock
The Riot Before A Good Sense Of Style Rebellion
Iron Chic Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future Not Like This
Dead To Me Wait For It... Wait For It! Fest 9 Comp
The Max Levine Ensemble You're Art Monk, And I'm Telling Everyone Ben Weasel 7"
Fay Wray Bi I Love Everyone
Grabass Charlestons Dale split w/ Toys That Kill
Off With Their Heads That Must Be Nigel With The Brie All Things Move Towards Their End
One Win Choice Who Threw Out The Itinerary?
Ink & Dagger Vampire Fastcode live on WKDU
Void Dehumanized
Deathwish Tailgate Tailgate
Paint It Black Atticus Finch CVA
Fugazi Instrument In On The Kill Taker
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinnison Woman Sam Kinnison Woman
Plaid Retina It Pink Eye
Mind Spiders Mind Spiders Theme Mind Spiders
The Dickies Gigantor Dawn Of The Dickies
High Tension Wires ____ Will Send A Message Send A Message
Shang-A-Lang I'm So Free Collection
Bomb The Music Industry! Saddr Weirdr Scrambles
The Beltones Better Than A Kick In The Head Cheap Trinkets
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus Forever The Monitor
Brainworms Half A Life Brainworms II: Swear To Me
Pinhead Gunpowder Westside High Kick Over The Traces
Dear Landlord Three To The Beach Dream Homes
Mean Jeans Steve Don't Party No More Are You Serious
Screeching Weasel Veronica Hates Me My Brain Hurts
The Menzingers Cops Against Falling Bricks A Lesson
Jacuzzi Boys Vizcaya Glazin'
Eddy Current Suppression Ring So Many Things So Many Things
Eddy Current Supression Ring Rush To Relax So Many Things


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