Soup Is Good Food on Tue 1/17/12

all Lookout! bands. best idea i've ever had. "label" column is catalog number.

"new" stuff at the end isn't lookout.

Artist Title Album Label New
The Lookouts Why Don't You Die One Planet, One People LK-01
Corrupted Morals Be All You Can Be Chet LK-02
Operation Ivy Hoboken Hectic LK-03
Crimpshrine Sleep, What's That? Sleep, What's That? LK-004
Isocracy Rodeo Bedtime For Isocracy LK-005
Stikky The Song About Annihilating Posers LK-006
Plaid Retina Twisted Plaid Retina EP LK-007
Sewer Trout President Of The Anarchist Club Songs About Drinking LK-008
The Yeastie Girlz FCC Ovary Action LK-009
Operation Ivy Knowledge Energy LK-010
Kamala And The Karnivores 29 Degrees The Thing That Ate Floyd LK-011
East Bay Mud Win Or Lose The Thing That Ate Floyd LK-011
Neurosis Pollution Aberration LK-012
Surrogate Brains If The Things They Say Are True Surrogate Serenades LK-013
Eyeball Prosthetic Head Prosthetic Head LK-014
Crimpshrine Butterflies Quit Talkin, Claude LK-015
Kamala & The Karnivores Bone Bouquet Girl Band LK-016
The Lookouts Green Hills Of England Spy Rock Road LK-018
Corrupted Moral Big Man Cheese It LK-019
Plaid Retina It Pink Eye LK-020
Neurosis Double Edged Sword The Word As Law LK-021
The Mr. T Experience Zero Making Things With Light LK-023
Samiam Tired O' Waiting I Am LK-024
Cringer Step Back Karin LK-025
Jawbreaker Sea Foam Green/ Sea Green Foam Punk USA
Avail Nickel Bridge Over The James
American Steel Insurrection Ave. Rogue's March
The Queers Monster Zero Love Songs For The Retarded
Groovie Ghoulies Graveyard Girlfriend Re-Animation Festival
Fifteen Communication Choice Of A New Generation
Downfall Long Way To Go Get Ready For Action
Big Rig Expansive Heart Expansive Heart
Blatz Homemade Speed Shit Split
Lagwagon Noble End Can Of Pork
Fuel Take Effect Take Effect
Screeching Weasel Don't Turn Out The Lights My Brain Hurts
Pinhead Gunpowder Big Yellow Taxi Kick Over The Traces
The Criminals Never Been Caught Never Been Caught
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Baltimore Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Common Rider Am I On My Own Thief In A Sleeping Town
Monsula Missing You Nickel
Filth The List Shit Split
The Skinflutes No Longer Sawhorse
Riverdales Back To You Riverdales
Pansy Division Deep Water Deflowered
Tilt White Homes Play Cell
Jeff The Brotherhood Whatever I Want Whatever I Want
The Eeries I Don't Care Comes Alive
Future Of The Left Polymers Are Forever
The Dead Milkmen The King In Yellow/ William Bloat The King In Yellow
Dry Feet I Can't Sleep At Night I Can't Sleep At Night
Mean Jeans 2 Much Cocaine Are You Serious?
The Men If You Leave... Leave Home
Hollywood (Scary) Cemetary Stunts
Plow United Monte Sleeptalker
Psychic Teens Yung Psychic Teens
The Beets You Don't Want Kids To Be Dead Let The Poison Out
John K. Samson Highway 1 East Provincial


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