Soup Is Good Food on Tue 1/31/12

soup is kinda rude (ska spinoff ideas)

Artist Title Album New
Jawbreaker Eye-5 Whack & Blight
Killing Joke Wardance "Ha"
Big Black The Model Songs About Fucking
Adverts No Time To Be 21 Anthology
Wire Options R Pink Flag
Wipers Potential Suicide Is This Real?
Black Flag My War My War
Naked Raygun Surf Combat Throb Throb
Ink & Dagger Philapsychosis Live @ WKDU
Fucked Up Black Albino Bones The Chemistry Of Common Life
Aus Rotten This Is Brainwash Anti Imperialist EP
Asshole Parade Red Tape No Idea 100
Barnaby Jones Bill Murray Demands A Circle Pit Barnaby Jones
Blatz Donuts Banned In R.C.
The Teen Idles Get Up And Go 20 Years Of Dischord
Against Me! Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partnets Americans Abroad
LEatherface Sour Grapes Horsebox
Samiam Tired O' Waiting I Am
Hot Water Music Turnstile Fuel For The Hate Game
Natural Child Crack Mountain Natural Child
Superchunk Learned To Surf Leaves In The Gutter
Iron Chic Cutesy Monster Man Not Like This
Angry Samoans Gas Chamber Back From Samoa
Adolescents Creatures Adolescents
Gang Green Alcohol Another Wasted Night
SS Decontrol Fight Them The Kids Will Have Their Say
Jerry's Kids Crucify Me Is This My World?
Death Rock-N-Roll Victim For The Whole World To See
Fugazi Promises 13 Songs
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Turning Out Rush To Relax
Latterman My Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing
Slapstick February One Slapstick
Mean Jeans Born On A Saturday Night Are You Serious?
Jeff The Brotherhood Whatever I Want 3rd Man 7"
Kudrow Commutilation Lando
Minuteflag Friends Minuteflag
Dry Feet I Can't Sleep At Night Can't Sleep At Night
Man Or Astro Man? Name Of Numbers Destroy All Astro-Men
Underground Railroad To Candyland Over And O'er Bird Roughs
Obits Widow Of My Dreams I Blame You
John K. Samson Longitudinl Centre Provincial
Joe Jack Talcum Time Well Spent Split w/ Ratboy
Hit The Switch Me And My Friend Rad Observing Infinities
Young Livers Drinks Of Amnesty Ship
Too Many Daves Hey Man Awesome Town
Vaginasore Jr. Girl Pants This Here Peninsula
Mayflower Cellophane Second Best Sunsets
Dear Landlord Three To The Beach Dream Homes
The Menzingers Alpha Kappa Fall Off A Balcony A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology
Grabass Charlestons Dismember Me The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd
The Eeries Listen baby Comes Alive
Future Of The Left Polymers Are Forever Polymers Are Forever
High Tension Wires Get You Send A Message
The Replacements I Hate Music Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
Snuff Dead & Buried Snuff Said....
Husker Du The Biggest Lie Zen Arcade
Dead Milkmen The King In Yellow/ William Bloat The King In Yellow
Dead Milkmen Fauxhemia The King In Yellow
Future Of The Left With Apologies To Emily Pankhurst Polymers Are Forever


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