Soup Is Good Food on Tue 10/9/12

i like him just fine

Artist Title Album New
Operation Ivy Hoboken Energy
The Jesus Lizard Mouth Breather Goat
The Jesus Lizard Nub Goat
Future Of The Left Robocop 4- Fuck Off Robocop The Plot Against Common Sense
Future Of The Left I Am The Least Of Your Problems The Plot Against Common Sense
Fucked Up I Hate Summer Couple Tracks
Paint It Black Salem Amnesia
Ceremony Terminal Addiction Rohnert Park
Hot Snakes Light Up The Stars Automatic Midnight
Mission Of Burma Dust Devil Unsound
The Riot Before Jam Is A Four Letter Word 2005-2007
Pacer Circles Around A Square No. 1
Dead To Me Cause Of My Anger Cuban Ballerina
The Slow Death Dirty Jokes Born Ugly Got Worse
Dillinger Four A Pyre Laid For Image And Fame C I V I L W A R
The Replacements Bastards Of Young Tim
Hunx Your Love Is Here To Stay Hairdresser Blues
Sugar Copper Blue Copper Blue (Delux Reissue)
J Church Why I Liked Bikini Kill The Precession Of Simalacra- The Map
The Beltones Better Than A Kick In The Head Cheap Trinkets
Kepi Ghoulie Hey Kepi Let's Go Hangin' Out
Riverdales Riverdales Stomp Storm The Streets
Riverboat Gamblers Whatever Whatever Riverboat Gamblers
Pujol DIY2K United States Of Being
Jeff The Brotherhood Country Life Hypnotic Nights
Forgetters Vampire Lessons Forgetters
Dicks The Police (Force) These People
Spazz Campaign For Emo Destruction Crush, Kill, Destroy
Charles Bronson I Can't Be In A Band With You Because You Like Epitaph Complete Discography
R.A.M.B.O. Kids Who Mosh Like Assholes Must Make For Selfish Lovers Bring It
Quintron Swamp Buggy Badass Let's Lazertag Sometime
Dinosaur Jr. Rude I Bet On Sky
Bomb The Music Industry! Syke! Life Is Awesome! To Leave Or Die In Long Island
Fleshies Aphids Brown Flag
The Mountain Goats Cry For Judas Transcendental Youth
The Menzingers Irish Goodbyes Mixed Signals
Radon A Fist Full Of Potash Fast Crowd 4 way split #2
Common Rider Where The Waves Are Highest Split w/ a band not nearly good enough to deserve having a common rider split.
MU330 These Rocks Have Energy Ultra Panic
Riverboat Gamblers The Art Of Getting Fucked Over Backsides
Dwarves Do The HeWho Born Again
Defiance, Ohio Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder Share What Ya Got
Toys That Kill Clap For Alaska Fambly 42
Leatherface Not A Day Goes By Mush
Landlord Godspeed Beneath The Wheel
The Bananas New Animals New Animals
Dead Mechanical Sidewalks A Great Lie
The Explosion God Bless The S.O.S Flash Flash Flash
Avail August Over The James
The Showcase Showdown Rip 'Em Off Permanent Stains


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