Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love Experience on Mon 11/12/12

Artist Title Album New
Anamanaguchi Mess Mess (single)
Black Moth Super Rainbow Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise Eating Us
The Insane Warrior And Then You Hear Footsteps We Are the Doorways
Little People Eitheror Mickey Mouse Operation
Yeasayer Reagan's Skeleton Fragrant World
Daphni Ye Ye Jiaolong
Beats Antique Crooked Muse feat. Lynx Contraption Vol. II
Shpongle Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates remix) Remixed
Dan Deacon Lots America
Madeon The City (Extended Mix) Madeon EP
Sleigh Bells A/B Machines Treats
White Panda Gangnam Style vs. Pretty Fly for a White Guy Single
Philip Glass Ensamble In the Upper Room: Dance IX Glassworks

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Up late programming? Studying all day? Or maybe you're just chilling with your best buds. No matter where life finds you, Dr. Plotkin has got the jams for you. From downtempo to dancefloor, the Doctor has got the music to get you going, no matter how you party.
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Trip hop