Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love Experience on Thu 3/14/13

Artist Title Album Label New
Starfucker I Don't Want To See Miracle Mile
Fol Chen A Tourist Town The False Alarms
Gold Panda India Lately Lovely Shiner
The Yacht Club Fail To Cry Nonnaverra
AK/DK Toucan Tango RnRnR
Primal Scream Come Together Screamadelica
Flying Lotus Do The Astral Scream Cosmogramma
Holy Fuck Stay Lit Latin
CHICAGO¤lollie Marketing Retail
Twintapes Flaky wdwg
Chvrches Recover (Cid Fim Remix) Recover EP
Battles Tij Mirrored
Lotus Break Build Burn Build
Flume Insane feat. Moon Holiday Flume
Purity Ring Fineshrine Shrines
Perturbator Lilith I Am The Night
RJD2 Ghostwriter Deadringer
James Blackshaw A Momentary Taste of Being Love Is the Plan, The Plan Is Death
Blue Sky Black Death Sky With Hand Noir

Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love X-Perience

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Do you have pain in your soul? Hurt in your heart? Turn an ear towards your radio box enjoy nature's best remedy for existential dread: that smooth groove and heavy bass that could only mean it's time to work your body for 2 hours with music that'll make you dance, cheer, and maybe think. Come one, come all, because no matter what your taste Dr. Plotkin will be sure to find something you like.