Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love Experience on Thu 3/28/13

Artist Title Album New
Gold Panda You Lucky Shiner
Yacht Club Married Romance Nonnavera
Fol Chen You Took The Train The False Alarms
Divine Fits For Your Heart A Thing Called Divine Fits
AK/DK Great Scott! RnRnR
Marcus Miller Frankenstein Silver Rain
The Cat Empire The Car Song Two Shoes
Blue Sky Black Death Sleeping Children Are Still Flying Noir
Floex Precious Creature Zorya
...And So I Watch You From Afar Young Brave Minds All Hail Bright Futures
Astrix Beyond The Senses Artcore
Fractal Cat Little By Little The Eye In The Dawn
Portishead All Mine Portishead
The Coup Strange Arithmetic Sorry To Bother You
Justice Phantom Pt. 2
Lindstrøm Lāmm-Ęl-Āār Smalhans
The M Machine Immigrants (Original Mix) Metropolis Pt. I
Mosh Cruella Monarchy
Infected Mushroom Dancing With Kadafi B.P. Empire

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Up late programming? Studying all day? Or maybe you're just chilling with your best buds. No matter where life finds you, Dr. Plotkin has got the jams for you. From downtempo to dancefloor, the Doctor has got the music to get you going, no matter how you party.
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