Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love Experience on Fri 4/12/13

Artist Title Album New
JG Thirwell Fumblestealth The Venture Bros Vol. 1
OMNIAC Thick And Fuzzy Sunsoaked
...And So I Watch You From Afar All Hail Bright Futures All Hail Bright Futures
U.N.K.L.E. Heavy Drug (Reprise) The Answer EP
Com Truise Flightwave Galactic Melt
Torley The Long March Dream Journal
Dominik & Omega Game of Thrones Hip Hop Remix
Infinitefreefall MGMT - Electric Feel (Infinitefreefall's Remix of a Remix) The Remixes, Vol. 2
Bonobo Ten Tigers The North Borders
Hot As Sun Mother I'm Alive Night Time Sound Desire
Loveskills Ex-Files Multiplicity
Yacht Club Can't Leave The Castle Nonnaverra
Mitzi Like It Was Truly Alive
Twintapes Wdwg Wdwg
The Zap! The Mouse And The Opera Singer Big Bang
Black Moth Super Rainbow Forever Heavy Dandelion Gum
Anamanguchi Densmore Aurora (single)
J. Arthur Keenes Band Water2 (Wetter) Computer Savvy
The Octopus Project with Black Moth Super Rainbow Spiracle The House of Apples and Eyeballs
Bear//Face Jean-Ralphio Beat_Tape
Alt-J Bloodflood An Awesome Wave
Prometheus Drug Sock Corridor of Mirrors

Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love X-Perience

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Up late programming? Studying all day? Or maybe you're just chilling with your best buds. No matter where life finds you, Dr. Plotkin has got the jams for you. From downtempo to dancefloor, the Doctor has got the music to get you going, no matter how you party.
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