Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Love Experience on Fri 5/24/13

Artist Title Album New
Solar Fields Lift Off Random Friday
Beacon Split In Two The Ways We Separate
The Bear And The Sea The Girl's Got Angel Wings Trees Like You
Adventure Flower Weird Work
Big Black Delta Huggin & Kissin Big Black Delta
Big Giant Circles Katana Blaster Impostor Nostalgia
Anamanaguchi Endless Fantasy Endless Fantasy
Slime Girls Summer Is Gone Vacation Wasteland EP
Lapalux Guuurl Nostalchic
Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics Lost Without You Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics
The Knife Networking Shaking The Habitual
The Flaming Lips Turning Violent The Terror
knife city hunting knife city
OVERWERK Alive The Nth ยบ
Disasterpeace Ensis Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
Pretty Lights Still Night Glowing In The Darkest Night
PrototypeRaptor Shrouds of Blue Nostalgiarithm
Mosh Silence Of The Swans Monarchy
Pilotpriest Cruising Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Shpongle Vapor Rumors Are You Shpongled?

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Up late programming? Studying all day? Or maybe you're just chilling with your best buds. No matter where life finds you, Dr. Plotkin has got the jams for you. From downtempo to dancefloor, the Doctor has got the music to get you going, no matter how you party.
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Trip hop