Technical Difficulties on Wed 1/15/14

Artist Title Album New
Jolly Still A Dream The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part One)
Ihsahn Austere After
Gojira World To Come From Mars To Sirius
Mastodon Megalodon Leviathan
Meshuggah Future Breed Machine Destroy Erase Improve
Nevermore The Obsidian Conspiracy The Obsidian Conspiracy
The Faceless Accelerated Evolution Autotheism
Liquid Tension Experiment Freedom Of Speech Liquid Tension Experiment
Charts and Maps Pearl Divers Of The Arabian Peninsula Dead Horse
Ozric Tentacles Feng Shui Jurassic Shift
Earthless Godspeed Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky
Graveyard Right Is Wrong Graveyard
Sadgiqacea False Segments False Prism
Mal Misconceptions Eonian Quiescence
Anagnorisis Clan Of Kerr Ghosts Of Our Fathers

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