Soup on Sun 2/2/14

Artist Title Album New
Spraynard The Denver Broncos vs The Denver Broncos Funtitled
Against Me! Black Me Out Transgender Dysphoria Blues
The Lawrence Arms The YMCA Down The Street From The Clinic Metropole
The Lawrence Arms Seventeener Metropole
DEVO Fresh Something For Everybody
Jeff The Brotherhood Bone Jam Heavy Days
Diarrhea Planet Fauser Loose Jewels
Carbonas Phone Booth Carbonas
The Lillingtons Russian Attack The Too Late Show
Vacation Bible School Back Of The Bus Unlucky
The Sidekicks Hop On A Sea Cow And Manatee Up Sam
Radon Kibbles And Bits We Bare All
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots And Youth Anthems Shorter, Faster, Louder
Natural Child Cougar Natural Child
None More Black When Mickey Died Icons
Astpai Southwards My Heart To Grow
Astpai All The Thieves My Heart To Grow
Astpai On Your Own My Heart To Grow
Natural Child Dogbite Natural Child
None More Black When Mickey Died Icons
The Tim Version Murder Decline Of The Southern Gentleman
Superchunk Learned To Surf Leaves In The Gutter
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Woke Up Near Chelsea The Brutalist Bricks
Swearin' Movie Star Swearin'
None More Black Iron Mouth Act Icons
Smoke Or Fire Monsters Among Us The Speakeasy
88 Fingers Louie Tomorrow Starts Today Back On The Streets
Avail Black And Red Front Porch Stories
Dear Landlord Three To The Beach Dream Homes
Hot Snakes Audit In Progress Audit In Progress
Big Soda I Know You Paper Route
The Potential Johns Can I Really Not Go Out With You? The Potential Johns
Slow Gherkin Salsipuedes Death Of A Ska Band
Bruce Lee Band Ms. Me Community Support Group


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