Soup covered by yoni191 on Sun 2/23/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Northern Liberties Etheric Flame Bugs and Rats split with Northern Liberties
Wormwood Food Requiescat
Pain Teens Lisa Knew Destroy Me, Lover
God Is My Co-Pilot I'm Going to Steal Yr Girlfriend An Appeal to Reason
Pinchu Macha Charly Enjoli S/T 7"
Tit Wrench Life Sucks... Do Me Life Sucks... Do Me
Bugs and Rats Smoking Ban Bugs and Rats split with Northern Liberties
Really Red Youth Culture For Sale Rest In Pain
Crash Worship Ge Rouge In the Labyrinth of the Master
Caspian The Heart that Fed Hymn For The Greatest Generation
Tarantula Hawk Track 2 Untitled Neurot
Temple of Bon Matin Sky Defect Infidel
Bubonic Bear Young Professions Fleshworld
Empty Vessels All Just Ghosts Seizures Within Reason
Psychic Teens Lust Come
Ex. By V. We Know Now Intra-, Intersect Demo
Godflesh Avalanche Master Song S/T
The Body Melt Away Christ, Redeemers!
King Dude Eternal Night Holy Trinity


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