Soup covered by yoni191 on Sun 3/2/14

Artist Title Album New
No Means No Victory Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed
Shellac Ghosts 1,000 Hurts
June of 44 Five Bucks in My Pocket Anahata
Arcwelder Chicken Everest
Versus Bright Light Bright Light b/w Forest Fire
Band of Susans Trash Train Now
Armedalite Rifles My Favorite Clown Shambolic? Indeed!
Bugs and Rats My Cunt Weeps For You Get that Fucking Light Outta My Face
Faking Beg & Pray Demo
Stinking Lizaveta Father's Song Hot Rock Action Vol 2
Spitboy Ultimate Violations S/T 7"
Scratch Acid Skin Drips Berserker
Laughing Hyenas Candy Merry Go Round
Gits Precious Blood Enter the Conquering Chicken
Bleeding Rainbow Out Of Line Interrupt
Savage Republic Machinery Tragic Figures
Red Temple Spirits Black Rain If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa, I Wouldn't Stay a Minute More...
Bubonic Bear Occult Farmers Fleshworld
Wipers Moon Rider S/T LP
Mea Culpa Dim Returns EP
Univox Cannonball S/T 7"


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