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Artist Title Album New
Meshuggah Spasm Nothing
Necrophagist The Stillborn One Epitaph
Ihsahn Austere After
Dream Theater Take The Time Images And Words
Scale The Summit Sargasso Sea Carving Desert Canyons
Cynic Adam's Murmur Traced In Air
Exivious Time And Its Changes Exivious
Evan Brewer Another World Your Itinerary
Between The Buried And Me Selkies: The Endless Obsession Alaska
Opeth The Devil's Orchard Heritage
Surgeon Octomom Surgeon EP
Charts And Maps Pearl Divers Of The Arabian Peninsula Dead Horse
Canvas Solaris Chromatic Dusk The Atomized Dream
Earthless Violence Of The Red Sea From The Ages
Cambrian Explosion Black Maven The Sun EP
Graveyard Goliath Lights Out
Priestess Sideways Attack Prior To The Fire
Sandrider Castle Godhead
Evile Thrasher Enter The Grave
Revocation Re-Animaniacs Existence Is Futile
Mastodon We Built This Come Death Call Of The Matodon
Dethklok Thunderhorse The Dethalbum
The Black Dahlia Murder Eyes Of Thousand Deflorate
The Ocean Swallowed By The Earth Heliocentric
Baroness March To The Sea Yellow & Green

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