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4/20 special

Artist Title Album Label New
Cambrian Explosion Umbra Of Mind The Sun EP
Ancestors Bounty Of Age Of Sound Mind
Graveyard Blue Soul Graveyard
Earthless Violence Of The Red Sea From The Ages
Armaggedon Paths And Planes And Future Gains Armaggedon REQUEST
Sandrider Gorgon Godhead
The Sword Freya Age Of Winters
Sadgiqacea False Segments False Prism
Tempel Avaritia On The Steps Of The Temple
Mastodon The Czar Crack The Skye
Opeth Atonement Ghost Reveries
Baroness Cocainium Yellow & Green
Surgeon Octomom Surgeon EP
Ihsahn On The Shores After
Giant Squid Summit Metridium Fields

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Here at Bleeder Radio we worship the heavy in all its greasy, gory, beauty. Rest assured you'll hear every possible combination of sub-genres out there, even ones that I don't like all that much! At noon o'clock each week we'll dig into some band's discography and talk about their history, discuss their material, and read an excerpt from the sacred texts. Join us. JOIN US.
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