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The Debut - Exploring the oft-forgotten humble beginnings of our favorite artists

Artist Title Album New
Tempel Mountain On The Steps Of The Temple
Isis Glisten Celestial
Mastodon Crusher Destoyer Remission
Dethklok Hatredcopter The Dethalbum
Gojira Space Time Terra Incognita
Meshuggah Erroneous Manipulation Contradictions Collapse
Revocation Fields Of Predation Empire Of The Obscene
Strapping Young Lad Critic Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing
The Red Chord L Formation Fused Together In Revolving Doors
Between The Buried And Me Shevanel Cut A Flip Between The Buried And Me
Opeth The Apostle In Triumph Orchid
! (Foreword) Pain Of Salvation Entropia
Dream Theater The Ytse Jam When Day And Dream Unite
Animals As Leaders On Impulse Animals As Leaders
Scale The Summit Shaping The Clouds Monument
3 Paint By Number Paint By Number
Primus Frizzle Fry Frizzle Fry
Mr. Bungle Carousel Mr. Bungle
Dysrhythmia Yes, It's Kind Of An Oxymoron Contradiction

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