Technical Difficulties on Thu 5/15/14

My vinyl collection

Artist Title Album Label New
Earthless Equus October From The Ages
Eye Usurpurs Live At Relay
Ozric Tentacles Stretchy Jurassic Shift
Mammatus Brain Drain Heady Mental
Ancestors Dust Invisible White
Anathema Crestfallen Falling Deeper
Cynic King Re-Traced
Katatonia Hypnone Dead End Kings
Junius The Time Of Perfect Virtue Days Of The Fallen Sun
Tempel Rising From The Abyss On The Steps Of The Temple
Sadgiqacea False Prism False Prism
Anciients Built To Die Snakebeard 7"
Ihsahn Arrival Eremitia
Opeth Porcelain Heart Watershed
Scale The Summit Willow The Migration

Technical Difficulties

Jon Galuchie
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  • Monday 12-2pm
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  • Monday 12-2pm
  • Wednesday 10pm-12am
  • Thursday 12-2pm
  • Thursday 12-2pm
Starting with progressive metal as "home", we take a ride through the esoteric, the obtuse, and the sibylline all while throughly soaked with heaviness until we reach our destination at the irrelevant.
Progressive Metal
Progressive Rock