Technical Difficulties on Thu 5/29/14

Artist Title Album Label New
Atheist Mother Man Unquestionable Presence
Cynic Uroboric Forms Focus
Death Suicide Machine Human
Obscura Anticosmic Overload Cosmogenesis
Cannabis Corpse Mummified In Bongwater Tube Of The Resinated
Cannibal Corpse Sarcophagic Frenzy Torture
Gojira The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe From Mars To Sirius
Findumonde La Condena Lincantropia
The Red Chord Embarrassment Lgacy Fed Through The Teeth Machine
Wormrot Butt Krieg Is Showing Dirge
The Black Dahlia Murder Carbonized In Cruciform Ritual
Bloodbath Outnumbering The Day Nightmares Made Flesh
Anagnorisis Only Suffering Is Free Ghosts Of Our Fathers
Dethklok Birthday Dethday The Dethalbum
The Faceless Sons Of Belial Planetary Duality
Behemoth Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me Evangelion
Ihsahn Misanthope angL
Meshuggah Future Breed Machine Destroy Erase Improve
Gorguts Le Toit Du Monde Colored Sands
Necrophagist The Stillborn One Epitaph
Blotted Science Laser Lobotomy The Machinations Of Dementia
The Devin Townsend Project Sumeria Deconstruction
Opeth Windowpane Damnation
Buckethead Squid Ink A Real Diamond In The Rough
Mr. Bungle None Of Them Knew They Were Robots California
Father Figure Yearning For Slime Congratulations On Your Loss

Technical Difficulties

Jon Galuchie
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Starting with progressive metal as "home", we take a ride through the esoteric, the obtuse, and the sibylline all while throughly soaked with heaviness until we reach our destination at the irrelevant.
Progressive Metal
Progressive Rock