Fresh Frequencies covered by Matthew Rotella on Thu 5/29/14

Artist Title Album
Ruder Than You Paranoid Horny For Ska
Fishbone Bonin' In The Boneyard Truth and Soul
The Freakin' Cads White Collar Crime Lord Escape From Philly
Johnny Socko Boots To Ya' Momma Oh, I Do Hope It's Roast Beef
The Pietasters New Breed Willis
Skavoovie And The Epitones She Sure Can Cook Fat Footin'
Scram Piece Of The Pie Kingsessing Trials
Tower Of Power What Is Hip? Direct Plus!
The Toasters Pablo's Shabeen New York Fever
Skanic Breed Last Call
Regatta 69 Bari Saxy Man Prime Time
Suburban Legends Blingity Bling Rump Shaker
The Pietasters Factory Concerto (Remix) Ska The Third Wave
The Bruce Lee Band Go Feet Go Beautiful World
Beebs And Her Money Makers Jumpin' No Sleep Tonight
Lithium Skandalous All-Stars Hit Me
Bad Manners Black Night Heavy Petting
The Gadjits Bullet In The Mattress At Ease
Scram Listen To Yo Momma The Kingsessing Trials
Seven Foot Politic Do Ya Swing Seven Foot Politic
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot Zoot Suit Riot
Speak Easy Spies Hay Kat Swing: The Next Generation
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy King Of Swing Americana Deluxe
Inspecter 7 On The Run Do Or Die Escapes And Illusion
The Scofflaws William Shatner Ska In Hi-Fi
The Smooths Lord Jack Very Own Vegas
Insatiable Walkin' Shangbootie Ska The Third Wave Volume 2
Blindspott Maude Ska The Third Wave Volume 2
Mustard Plug Thigh High Nylons Masterpieces
Big D And The Kids Table Fluent In Stroll Fluent In Stroll
The Dead Milkmen Big Scary Place Soul Rotation
The Skalars Box Of Death Change Up
Mock Turtle Soup Rodent Revolt Ska The Third Wave Volume 2

Fresh Frequencies

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