Fresh Frequencies on Tue 4/4/17

Artist Title Album
Khruangbin Mr. Whitee The Universe Smiles Upon You
James Tillman Intrinsic Infinite Silk Noise Reflex
Iris Temple Philosopher Duality
Jamieo Brown Transcendence Be so glad Work Songs
Phony Ppl Why iii Love The Moon. Yesterday's Tomorrow
RH Factor, Erykah Badu, Q-Tip Poetry Hard Groove
Moonchild Cure Cure
Tom Misch Day 1: Ephemeral 5 Day Mischon
Tom Misch Day 4: Everybody Get Down 5 Day Mischon
Derrick Hodge For Generations The Second
Joya Mooi Out of Love Crystal Growth
Marcus Strickland Alive Nihil Novi
Fatai Roll Undone
Alfa Mist Kyoki Antiphon
Laundry Soup Girl Soup Girl
Henry Wu R6 Interlude Deep In The Mudd
D'Angelo Feel Like Makin' Love Voodoo
Oliver St. Louis Dog in Man Black Music
Lawrence Where It Started From Breakfast
Lohai Baby I Know You Will Baby I Know You Will
Destruments What You Won't Do For Love Bridge Through Time
Sampha (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano Process

Fresh Frequencies

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