Electric Zoo on Wed 4/19/17

Artist Title Album New
The Growlers Pet Shop Eyes Hung At Heart
Joyce Manor The Bride Of Usher Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
The Luyas Self-Unemployed Human Voicing
Such Gold Two Year Plan Misadventures
PAWS Tulip Cokefloat!
LVL UP She Sustains Us Return to Love
Freelsds Badtrip Lucifer Sam/ Miracle of the Revolving Sun Freelsds Badtrip
Mumblr Got It Full of Snakes
Homage Mild High Club Skiptracing
The Evaporators I Can't Be Shaved Ogopogo Punk
It's Not Easy Dolly Spartans Times Sides With No One
Public Access TV I Don't Want to Live In California Never Enough
Lazy Salon Ong's Hat Invisible Like Peace
Tiny Moving Parts Good Enough Celebrate
Sugar Candy Mountain Saudade Love Mystic Hits
Miniature Tigers Dino Damage Tell It To the Volcano
Somos Familiar Theme Temple Of Plenty
Tioga Get Close Circadian

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