Bleeder Radio on Mon 5/15/17

Artist Title Album Local
Napalm Death Dear Slum Landlord... Apex Predator - Easy Meat
High On Fire Hung, Drawn, And Quartered Surrounded By Theives
Anciients Following The Voice Voice Of The Void
Electric Wizard Funeralopolis Dopethrone
Heavy Temple Key and Bone Chassit
Yuri Gagarin Cluster Of Minds At The Center Of All Infinity
Dark Sermon Ode To The Black Widow The Oracle
Katatonia Increase The Great Cold Distance
Katatonia Forsaker Night Is The New Day
Katatonia Last Song Before The Fade The Fall Of Hearts
Voivod Polaroids Katorz
Dethklok Castratikron The Dethalbum
Strapping Young Lad Zen Alien
The Dillinger Escape Plan Pig Latin Irony Is A Dead Scene
Car Bomb Third Revelation 'w^w^^w^w'
Scale The Summit Balkan The Collective
Scars On Broadway World Long Gone Scars On Broadway
Serj Tankian Empty Walls Elect The Dead
Blotted Science E.E.G. Tracings The Mechinations of Dementia

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