Electric Zoo on Wed 6/14/17

Artist Title Album New
Aye Nako Sissy Silver Haze
Faintlife Alpha Bette (feat. Blake Davis) Ever Was
Hollerado Born Yesterday Born Yesterday
The Courtneys Minnesota The Courtneys II
Laser Background Hymnals Dark Nuclear Blogs
Chastity Belt Different Now I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Quin Galavis Question The Battery Line
Pinact Anxiety Stand Still And Rot
Junior Astronomers Body Language Pt. 2 Body Language
YONAKA Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
Das Mortal, Ghost twin Risking My Life Always Loved
Wishing Emptiness is a Closet Full of Your Old Clothes To Forget
Mister Heavenly Bronx Sniper Out of Love
Women Shaking Hand Women
Jay Som Peach Boy Turn Into
Muscle'n Flo Menomena Friend And Foe

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